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The Indian River Tea Party is committed to promoting the principles of governance embodied in the United States Constitution including...

Limited Government

Whereas the blueprint for American government is clearly established by the U.S. Constitution, we expect government at all levels to be efficient, limited in power and accountable to the citizenry and that our leaders, both elected and appointed, govern accordingly.

Fiscal Responsibility

Whereas citizens are expected to exercise personal responsibility by living within their means, we expect government at all levels to do the same by properly managing and openly accounting for all revenue collected from "We the people". Ongoing debt and deficit spending is indicative of poor government and jeopardizes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Free Market System

Whereas our nation was founded upon the right of private ownership and a free market system, we uphold that government intrusion into the management and operation of private industry is antithetical to these principles and continues to plunge our nation into the abyss of ever increasing government “bail outs” and artificial “propping up” of failing industries. Invention, production and marketing of goods and services flourish in the hands of the American people.